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We make video, corporate films, moving image, digital content, above the line, through the line, internal and external. Event films and Corporate Communications. Whatever you call it we can help you make it.  We work really hard to get under the skin of our clients and their issues and produce films that really have punch and impact. Filming and editing is undertaken by experienced individuals from a longstanding team helmed by Managing Director Matt Dowson. Checkout our work on Vimeo


We produced a dynamic film for the Shanghai Motor Show that extolled the virtues of the Fluoro-Comp fuel hose; this included location filming at the Yorkshire factory, and at the US manufacturing facility near Chicago.

NHS Awards Videos

With a four-week window to deliver for NHS England we started from scratch, contacted 33 locations and sent camera teams out to showcase some of the best partnerships between clinicians and public groups and organisations in England. The result was a series of powerful stories.

Webcasting Services

We supply an experienced and self-contained production team for webcasts: including a streaming technician to manage the technical delivery of the streaming which uses Wirecast software delivery; a sound engineer with our own 16 channel digital audio desk and 16 desktop microphones; 2-3 HD cameras, some  with operators and some locked off.

Our portfolio includes:

Chief Nursing Officers Summit 2015

Every year the Chief Nursing Officer for England holds an event: “to bring together the most senior leaders from across the nursing, midwifery and care professions to help shape future direction and equip leaders to motivate, inspire and mobilise the workforce with new ideas, ways of working and shared learning.”

This major two day conference involved streaming the main sessions over two days using Wirecast streaming software, taking a feed from two cameras and the Powerpoint slides.

2015-12-02 09.35.58


NHS England Board Meetings – Providing regular webcasts since February 2012 with 16 board members normally utilising 11 microphones. The meetings are open to the public at Quarry House Leeds, and other NHS locations around the UK. Service includes 3 x camera’s.

NHS England YouTube Channel

2015-12-17 10.36.44

NHS England AGM  – 2015 at the Oval Conference Centre, London – requiring a three camera coverage for the webcast. We also had a separate camera on the signers which was incorporated in the livestream.

2015-10-21 15.18.32 SMALL 2015-10-21 18.09.35 SMALL

NHS England Primary Medical Services – 3 hour closed group webcast for the demonstration of the web portal for GPs, the stream had 1000 users who had a password to access the webcast, they could ask questions using a live discussion feature.

NHS Informatics Services Commissioning Group – Webcasting Leadership Events at St Thomas’ Hospital, London and the British Medical Association chaired by Director of Public and Patient Engagement Tim Kelsey, for discussion and development of digital strategies for the NHS, often with high level attendees including Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.


NHS England West Midlands Clinical Senate – Three Webcasts of the council meeting for the Clinical Senate with live Skype call from Dr Chris Clough, held at the National Motorcycle Museum, Coventry, and other regional venues.

Health Commission for London – Lord Darzi chaired 2 full-day Hearing Sessions at The Royal Institution for Great Britain for which we provided webcasting services with two manned cameras, we subsequently uploaded all video material amounting to 23 films of the witnesses and produced a highlights film.

2014-10-21 11.10.58 small



Kongsberg Automotive – factory opening

Provision of full event production, with set and staging, video projector, sound and lighting, including additional lights for a selection of high performance vehicles. Production included two films highlighting the facilities and employees.

2013-11-12 10.05.47 small 2013-11-12 12.02.22 small


2015-10-16 10.32.02 small

We are Dowson Communications Ltd a longstanding and experienced video and livestream production business. We are based in Bradford, West Yorkshire and operate all over the UK and sometimes further afield as well.

  • Producing short films that create impact.
  • Providing flawless livestream services for clients such as NHS England.

  IMG_4246  IMG_3551

NHS Excellence in Participation Awards 2014

This was a really interesting project for NHS England’s Public and Patient Voice Team, turning around 32 x 2-3 minute films in a very short 4 week timescale to create films which captured the participation of members of the public and voluntary organisations working in partnership with the NHS. The production team of Matt Dowson, Jane Estevez and Ben Saffer set up all the locations and interviews from Torquay to Lancaster.

All the films were shot in large sensor cameras, mainly the Panasonic AF101, but including the Sony FS700 and Black Magic cameras. The camera team of Matt Dowson, Ben Saffer, Ian Williams, David Burnham, and Mike Palfreman shot for 20 days, all operating and directing, asking the questions, filling out consent forms and getting the best shots. Post production at the office was fast and furious, with the 9 winners films being shown at the prestigious NHS Expo in Manchester with NHS England Chief Executive Sir David Nicholson presenting an award in one of his last public acts as outgoing NHS England Boss.



Highlights of the Awards and other films

Web videos for Dunlop Adhesives

I have just finished filming and editing on a bunch of web films on How to Tile – lots of tips which will be put on YouTube by Dunlop, so I know how to tile – not that I can of course. I’ve been working with my colleague Andy Green at Leagus Video in Huddersfield which is always a pleasure.

Dunlop videos
dunlop1Dunlop 2

Making accountants look good on film … Yorkshire ones at that

Making a group of people who are normally seen as … well let’s face it. DULL! Now it was a tall order but I had a stiff drink and leaped in with camera in hand, and the result was a total of 13 films for Clough and Company Accountants including a ‘who we are’ type film (2 mins) and interviews with partners about their areas of expertise (60 secs each). On the shoot I tried to get some shots that showed their human side to intercut with the spiel about taxation regimes, and I think it worked. The client was very pleased, as was Martin Fisher from ThisisChemistry in Bradford a brilliant advertising agency who referred the work as part of the new look website for the company.


You can see for yourselves by searching cloughandco on Youtube

Or view this Clough and Company Profile Film on Youtube

Accountants from Yorkshire: The movie